Moorings at CHIRK MARINA, Llangollen Canal, North Wales.

Marina mooring fees as from 01 January 2022

Monthly - £0.66p per foot per week + VAT - Payable monthly in advance.

Quarterly - £0.64p per foot per week + VAT - Payable quarterly in advance.

Annual - £0.62p per foot per week + VAT - Payable annual in advance.

There are currently a few LONG TERM moorings available at Chirk Marina to a maximum length of 50ft. Please call us on 01691 774558 to discuss this.

General Conditions.

1. Mooring fees are payable in advance and are not refundable under any circumstances nor transferable if boat ownership changes.
2. No boat may be sold privately without prior consent from The Company whilst on the Company's premises.
3. Mooring is conditional to current insurance cover. Evidence may be requested.
4. The owner is not entitled to the exclusive use of any berth and is required to relocate to any berth, if requested by The Company.
5. The Company has the right to exercise a general lien upon any boat or other property of the boat owner, whilst in or on Marina premises, until any money due to The Company in respect of mooring fees, commission, storage or charges for work done or goods supplied or otherwise shall be paid.
6. All property kept on our premises is at owners risk.
7. No third party contractors allowed on site without prior permission.
8. Please consider other moorers when running generators and engines.
9. Three months payable notice in advance of termination of moorings.